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Oh, the inevitable stroll through Ubud occurred, where every other second, one of us exclaimed, “This is SO different!” For starters, the two main roads turned into thirty.  Jalan Bisma, the dirt road that leads to Happy II that we … Continue reading

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You can take the girl out of Disney, but…

Our daughter.  Four.  Brave.  Imaginative.  Strong-willed. Irony.  That Megan and I (who collectively own maybe one dress) would end up with a daughter who loves princesses, dressing up fancy, all that. “Mommy, I am holding a ball tonight.  Will you … Continue reading

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Slowly, slowly.

Day three for us -we have been happily hiding out in our villa, slowly, slowly acclimating to the time, the food, the villa with its luxuries and limitations, the weather (sunny, 80’s – perfect), with no desire to explore beyond … Continue reading

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So, I found this villa that we’re staying at on the Internet.  I googled ‘bungalow in the rice fields’ and this came up.  What a find.  Villa Tatiapi was created by some American business folk working in Bali who wanted … Continue reading

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Reliving the past.

When I am writing my novel back in Boston, I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and remember the feelings I had twenty years ago when I was here in Bali.  The sights, the smells, the sounds, the textures, the immense … Continue reading

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Six a.m. of our first morning in Bali.  The family’s still asleep, but I’ve been up since four am because it’s still really 4pm in my body.  Not to mention our rooster neighbors who decided that 5:00am would be a … Continue reading

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The journey is part of the journey…

…but thirty-six hours of cramped airplane rides and long layovers?  Really?  People, are we ANY closer to figuring out how to beam ourselves somewhere??  This cross-Atlantic travel is getting old, especially when traveling with an active four year old and … Continue reading

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Thanks for visiting here at Watching the Rice Grow, a writer’s account of a journey that started twenty years ago. It’s also the working title of the novel I’m writing. More on that later… 1992…I was on the brink of … Continue reading

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