Snapshots of life around Tatiapi


[img src=]2510our 'bungalow' in the rice fields
[img src=]690The Porch
[img src=]610the front gate!
[img src=]320the garden
[img src=]560kai's castle
[img src=]480the rice fields in front of us
[img src=]420the rice fields behind us
[img src=]420planting rice, one at a time
[img src=]420our neighbors
[img src=]440komar climbing to get us a young coconut
[img src=]430the morning offering left on the sidewalks
[img src=]430a fruit offering for a ceremony
[img src=]500kai and the boys
[img src=]560megan and kai writing postcards on The Porch
[img src=]290jammin' on The Porch

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